Ultra-Microtomes & Accessories

Power Microtomes PT-X & PT-XL

Power Microtomes

Featuring: Auto thick/thin sectioning from 5-4999 nm with 4 memory storage channels Compact two piece design with advanced antivibration system Separate control...

Power Microtomes  PT-PC

Power Microtomes

A PC controlled ultramicrotome supplied complete with all-in-one slim design computer, with integrated “Touch Screen” control monitor, wireless mouse & keyboard, interconnect...

Ultramicromtome Cryosectioning  CR-X

Ultramicromtome Cryosectioning

The Most Compact, User Friendly Cryosectioning system available. Vibrationless and lowest  LN2 delivery (9 liters last about 11 hours) Holds 2 knives (glass or...