ARACUS Amino Acid Analyzer

ARACUS Amino Acid Analyzer

The systems allows analysis of physiological and hydrolysate amino acids with the same buffer system and separation column. It operates with and without inert gas atmosphere.

Compact design with three individual units:

Main unit: a double piston pump, column heating system; temperature range 20°-100°C, reactor for ninhydrin reaction; temperature range 50°-150°C

Micro Photometer, maintenance free; wavelength 570 nm and 440 nm, photo diodes as light source (life time up to 8 years)

Autosampler 96 with space for 2 x 48 1,5 ml (standard) vials or 2 micro plates (96 format), cooling of racks to 4°C by Peltier elements

Eluent Rack EluBox contains 6 bottles; each 500 ml volume, inert gas system supply (option), active degassing system

Integration software aminoPeakTM 2002: This software facilitates data acquisition with up to four asynchronous, independent data channels at 100 Hz or less.

It has many possibilities making manual or automatical data analysis more comfortable & efficient:

* quantitative measurement using external or internal standards

* time-independent integration parameters for each data-channel

* statistical analysis

* GLP-functions

* self-explaining graphical user interface with online-help