AZURA Compact Gradient HPLC System

AZURA Compact Gradient HPLC System

The AZURA Compact HPLC HPG is a complete analytical high pressure gradient HPLC system. Due to its extremely compact dimensions, the system fits onto every laboratory bench.

The Compact HPLC HPG consists of an ASM 2.1L-based high pressure gradient pump element with integrated 2-channel degasser. The system is completed by a UVD 2.1L, (a UV/VIS detector with one variable wavelength) and comes with an eluent tray for safe storage of up to 6 bottles.

Injection is performed via a manual injecton valve, which is fixed to the side of the detector. The column can be attached anywhere to the system via magnetic clip. Solvent bottles can be stored in an eluent tray on top of the system. A leak sensor and the capillary guidance as well as the optional control unit with touch screen facilitate the safe and user friendly usage.

Modern design with completely demountable fronts and exchangeable colored side panels turn the system into a visual highlight.

The system is freely customizable. The detector can be chosen from the wide range of KNAUER detectors. The manual injection valve can be exchanged by an autosampler. If you need more flexibility, use the ASM 2.1L elements to put together your own system according to your needs!

The stackable elements of AZURA allow to create complex system solutions requiring only a minimum of space.