ECO and ECO Plus Columns

ECO and ECO Plus Columns KNAUER

ECO and ECO Plus glass columns:

Multi purpose glass columns for biochromatography techniques as well as for applications with solvents offer axial compression, high pressure stability, and a thermostatic jacket for easy cooling and heating. 

Column rack:

Designed specifically for ECO and ECO Plus high resolution glass columns, the Bioline column rack can also accomodate any conventional LC or MPLC columns.

Pre-packed glass columns for SEC and IEC:

Ready-to-use glass columns for FPLC are available with different BioFox agarose media.

BioFox separation media;

Separation media for AC, IEC, IMAC or SEC with a pressure stability up to 40 bar (580 psi) for fast and high resolution biochromatography.