Reliance Autosampler

Reliance Autosampler SPARK

The introduction of modern fast detection and data acquisition methods has caused a significant increase in the number of samples processed in laboratories. In contrast, labor
resources and process time frames are severely under pressure. Speed, Quality and Reliability of the installed instrumentation are therefore more important than ever.

Reliance™ features include:
• A new high-speed injection mode reducing cycle time by more than
50% for a partial loopfill injection including needle wash. Cycle time
including wash is less than 35 seconds.
• Superior precision and market leading carry-over performance.
• Standard provisions for reducing carry-over of difficult compounds.
• New high-capacity stacker for a maximum of 9,216 samples.
• Integrated cooling in both stacker and autosampler guarantees a
constant temperature for stacked and processed samples.
• User-selectable viscosity levels for optimization of cycle time
and performance.
• Programmed and user-definable templates allow use
of all commercially available (micro) well plates.
• Modular design for easy integration in a customized system.
• Symbiosis™ and XLC-MS ready.
• Improved user interface includes most MS data packages support.