Symbiosis SPE Online Series - for SPE-LC-MS automation

Symbiosis SPE Online Series - for SPE-LC-MS automation AS-SP-100

Chronect Symbiosis™ Basic
The Chronect Symbiosis™ Basic is a small affordable and versatile online SPE System imbedded in a high end HPLC system. A high performance injector that handles sample volumes from 10µl up to 10ml can add, mix and dilute samples prior to the analysis, all fully automated! Chronect Symbiosis™ Basic has an integrated sample preparation system that offers all the advantages of online Solid Phase Extraction like higher assay sensitivity, analysis of small sample injection volumes, no manual labour and lower costs of analysis.
The new multi dimensional SPE mode allows the use of 2 different extraction mechanisms on 2 separate disposable SPE cartridges in one sample run, resulting in the highest possible clean-up per sample.

Chronect Symbiosis™ Advanced
The Chronect Symbiosis™ Advanced system consists of a temperature conditioned stacker, an autosampler, LC pumps, a cartridge exchange unit and high pressure solvent dispensers. The system runs the XLC-MS process automatically and has dedicated software drivers for MS software like Analyst™, MassLynx™ and Xcalibur™. Chronect Symbiosis™ Advanced can be utilized for method development, running small batches or large scale throughput projects. It performs in respect to the highest specifications known in industry today.