55 years science together | KNAUER | SPECIAL PROMOTIONS

55 years science together | KNAUER  |  SPECIAL PROMOTIONS

KNAUER is celebrating their 55th anniversary !

Therefore, we would like to thank the scientific community with special promotion packages.

3 special versions of our world class LC systems:


  1. AZURA® HPLC Plus System
    Analytical System with 10 ml/min flow rate and multi-wavelength detection

  2. AZURA® Pilot Prep LC 100 LPG
    Preparative system with 100 ml/min max. flow rate and ternary gradient.

  3. AZURA® Compact Bio LC 10
    For easy size exclusion chromatography


HPLC System

Prep LC system

Compact FPLC System

Our complete analytical gradient HPLC systems fits perfectly the demanding needs of method development. Made in Germany secures the world class performance and quality. Our top selling preparative system with maximum flow rate of 100 ml/min and ternary gradient. Perfect for the purification of miligram to gram samples. Our premium compact FPLC system is designed for isocratic FPLC applications. Outstanding performance allows you tu run time consuming SEC method more efficiently.


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