Analytical SFC columns

Analytical SFC columns

Kromasil SFC column choices

Designed for fast separations and based on 2.5 µm particle size technology, the new Kromasil SFC columns are tailor-made for research, discovery and for routine analysis. The new columns are delivered in cyano , diol, silica, and 2‑ethylpyridine chemistries for the laboratory scientist to separate and analyze a wide range of substances, from non-polar to strongly polar compounds.

The stationary phase quartet

  • Separation of beta-blockers on Kromasil SFC SIL
  • Separation of beta-blockers on Kromasil SFC CN
  • Separation of beta-blockers on Kromasil SFC Diol
  • Separation of beta-blockers on Kromasil SFC 2EP
  • Separation of β‑blockers

By using this standard set of Kromasil SFC columns, the user can efficiently screen the material that works best for a given sample.


Packing:Kromasil SFC, 2.5 µm
Phases: SIL , CN , Diol and 2EP respectively
Column size:3.0 x 150 mm
Eluent:CO2 / methanol + 20 mM ammonia
Gradient:0 min: 5%, 10 min: 30% methanol
Outlet pressure:120 bar

Fast separations

Medium and high-throughput laboratories working with green technology and seeking to improve turnaround time, are now able to take advantage of the separation power of the new Kromasil SFC 2.5 µm family of columns.

Separation of steroids

With the chromatographic power of Kromasil SFC cyano phase users can easely achieve baseline resolution within 2.5 minutes of a generic linear gradient.

Separation of anticonvulsants

Due to the outstanding properties of Kromasil silica, analysts can now achieve baseline resolution for anticonvulsants using a generic gradient, resulting in sharp and Gaussian peaks.

Alternative selectivity

Separation of anti-inflammatory drugs

With its endcapping and aromatic properties, Kromasil SFC with 2-ethylpiridine offers a unique separation power that makes it standout from the rest.


With more than 25 years of stationary phase manufacturing and packing expertise, Nouryon continues to deliver performance products to customers in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, clinical and environmental industries.

The Kromasil SFC columns are available in 2.5 µm particle size with the following surface chemistries:

  • silica (SIL)
  • cyano (CN)
  • diol (Diol)
  • 2-ethylpiridine (2EP)

KIT is a 4 column kit for screening studies with one column of each phases above in one box.

Availability of Kromasil SFC columns

Click/touch the dot for the combination of stationary phase and column diameter of your interest to access column length availability and further options.


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