AZURA Lab Bio LC 10

AZURA Lab Bio LC 10

Azura Lab Bio LC 10 is a low pressure gradient (LPG) system for the complex purification of biomolecules on a laboratory scale.
All modules can be freely selected, so that for each claim the desired device configuration can be compiled. It is designed and optimized for routine analysis, method development or tasks requiring more than one separation column. The system proposal consists of a biocompatible buffer pump equipped with a quad low pressure gradient valve block, three freely configurable combination modules for sample injection, column switchingpeak parking, additional buffer and sample selection, fraction collection on a large scale, a UV/VIS detector, a high-precision online conductivity monitor and optionally pH, and a fraction collector with or without cooling. The system can be controlled via our user friendly FPLC software (PurityChrom).

Accessories available

ECO and ECO Plus Columns KNAUER

ECO and ECO Plus Columns

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