uniTOC Analyzer

uniTOC AnalyzermembraPure

By introducing  uniTOC – process and uniTOC – online instruments membraPure presents 2 high class systems for the online determination of TOC content of pure and ultra pure water . The instruments allow measurements at two different points within a distribution line during the running process.

The uniTOC instruments have a compact designand they fulfill all international standards.

The uniTOC- line operates almost free of maintenance, which allows the online TOC determination under optimal conditions in many different fields of applications like pharmaceutical industry, microelectronics, chemical industry as well as the production and surveillance of potable water.

For pharmaceutical usage the model uniTOC – process allows i.e. standard suitability test according to USP/Ph.Eur. and is conform with CFR 21part 11.

The uniTOC- analyzersoxidize the organic compounds by using a high energy, low voltage UV lamp and the resulting carbon dioxide is detected and measured by CO2 selective NDIR cells.

An internal computer with touch screen controls the instrument and registers all parameters. Data exchange is achieved by USB interface for digital and analog datas, which can be integrated into existing net work.

Both instruments can be configured for the reagent-free operation, which can be applied for water with low calcium carbonate content and water containing organic substances below < 2000 ppb.

Qualification of the systems is performed according to IQ, OQ und PQ procedures.

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