Application Notes Titel  Description 
Determination of pesticides by UHPLC-MS Atrazine, Chlortolurone, Chloridazon, Diuron, Isoproturon, Linuron, Metazachlor, Methabenzthiazuron, Metobromuron, Metolachlor, Metoxuron, Monolinuron, Monuron, Parathionethyl, Propazine, Simazine, Terbutylazine 
Fast analysis of water pollutant pesticides Pesticides, herbicides, phenylurea pesticides, triazines, chloroacetanilide pesticides 
  High speed analysis of bisphenol A & bisphenol F
Bisphenols, PVC/polycarbonate additives, plastics, baby bottles 
  High speed analysis of pesticides  Pesticides, herbicides, phenylurea pesticides, triazines, cyclodienes, chloroacetanilide pesticides 
  Rapid analysis of 17 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with UV- and FL-detection according to DIN EN 17993:2002  Environmental monitoring 
  Rapid Determination of DNPH derivatized carbonyl compounds DNPH, aldehydes, carbonyls, air pollutants, ambient air 
  Rapid determination of phthalates Phthalates, exposure, consumer products, softener, plasticizer, PVC 



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