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Azura Plus Isocratic system with UV and RI detectionSYSAZ003

This system features a AZURA P 6.1L isocratic pump, an Autosampler 3950, a column thermostat CT 2.1, a UVD 2.1L (a UV/VIS detector with one variable wavelength), an RI Detector 2300 as well as a Windows 8/8.1 tablet with AZURA Mobile Control app.

It is the standard system with a backpressure range of 700 bar. It perfectly fits the demanding needs of a method development system, as well as the robust fitness of a routine analysis machine.

The AZURA pump P 6.1L uses technology to overcome the challenges of pumping LC solvents at high pressure and high flow rates. The pump can deliver flow in the range of 0.001 – 10 mL/min at pressures up to 700 bar. The integrated AZURA inline filter is completing the analytical AZURA HPLC pump and turn this pump into a working horse in the lab.

The UVD 2.1L comes with an installed deuterium lamp which covers a wavelength range from 190 to 750 nm. It is a competitively priced HPLC spectrophotometer for routine HPLC applications including fast LC methods.

The Smartline RI detector 2300 is a competitively priced differential refractometer suitable for detecting compounds with little or no UV activity such as sugars, lipids or polymers.

The Autosampler 3950 can inject 0.1 – 5000 µl to have a large flexibility. Using standard vials or two microtiter plates will give you a maximum sample capacity of up to 768 samples or 96 vials.

The AZURA CT 2.1 is the new price attractive basic column thermostat. It is suitable for column thermostatization above and below room temperature. The instrument operates with a microprocessor controlled Peltier element for exact temperature settings.


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