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AZURA Plus system for GPC analysis

This system features a AZURA P 6.1L isocratic pump, an Autosampler 3950, a UVD 2.1L (UV/VIS detector with one variable wavelength), a Smartline RI Detector 2300 as well as a Windows 8/8.1 tablet with AZURA Mobile Control app.

It is the standard system for GPC. The AZURA pump P 6.1L can deliver flow in the range of 0.001 – 10 mL/min at pressures up to 700 bar. The integrated AZURA inline filter is completing the analytical AZURA HPLC pump and turn this pump into a working horse in the lab.

The Smartline RI detector 2300 is a competitively priced differential refractometer suitable for detecting compounds with little or no UV activity such as sugars, lipids or polymers.

The Autosampler 3950 can inject 0.1 – 5000 µl to have a large flexibility. Using standard vials or two microtiter plates will give you a maximum sample capacity of up to 768 samples or 96 vials.

For sample preparation we recommend the GPC clean-up systems A2846, A2847 or A2848.

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