Our partners

is a well-established manufacturer of (U)HPLC instruments, preparative SMB & MCSGP systems for purification of substances in kg scale, columns and osmometers.

Axel Semrau: From Januari 1st, 2019 Spark Holland has officially transferred the supply of their products to Axel Semrau who will deliver all former Spark Holland distributors in Europe with the new CHRONECT Symbiosis systems, DBS autosampler, CHROspe on-line SPE cartridges and service/spare parts of the installed base of Spark autosamplers, including the PM kits and supplies.

Filtration, Rapid tests, Water analysis, Chromatography, Bioanalysis.


 Sampling for Science: LC and GC Autosamplers


RI detectors, Columns for HPLC, GPC, SEC and IC.


Liquid metering pumps & Micro pumps.


Self-priming Check Valves, Static and
Dynamic Mixers, Flow Splitters.


Peristaltic pumps, non pulsing and tubings.


HPLC Solvent degassers, tubing, fittings, nuts & ferrules, injection- and automatic switching valves.


Affordable Chromatography Data and Instrument control software for HPLC & GC.


MicroSaic: Pioneers in miniaturised mass spectrometry (MS), our patented chip-based technoloy
enables analytical detection and characterisation at the point-of-need.




Producer of Physical and Chemical standards :



Tosoh Bioscience offers LC solutions for research, drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, manufacturing and other industrial applications for all common modes of LC including IEC, HIC,RPC, HILIC, SEC and affinity. Tosoh Bioscience is also expert in manufacturing GPC/SEC instruments & TSKgel columns.


RWD: Microtomes & Cryostats